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Tuesday, 23 April 2019


The driver pull up at our hotel for lodging at 2:56pm, we all checked in and out few minutes later. Soon, we are en-route the iyamopo hill located in the heart of Igbeti town. It was a colorful view to see crowd of people heading up the hill as it is a tradition every easter Monday for Igbeti indigene and tourists to gathering here for picnic together irrespective of religious believes. At the foot of the hill, canopy is set for entertainment of prominent guest and those who can't attempt to climb the hill. among the entertainer is a man who display his skill by putting a long bench in his mouth. Soon, we are already half way on the mountain. It was an herculean task. Our tour guide Mr. Olawoyin, an indigene of Igbeti showed us hemp of stone which according to him was thrown by the villagers at Fulani intruders during the Yoruba-Fulani war from reaching them. Three rivers called "3 RIVALS" are located on the mountain. according to history, two of the rivers are good friends while the last river is their enemy. If water is taken from one of the friends and poured into the Fiend,the mountain will rumble and people will die. therefore, no one has tried it before. The water is medicinal as people are seen drinking from it and also taking away in bottles.the cafe located at the base of the mountain. It was the hiding place of the villagers during the war. People can be seen praying to their various God in the cafe. When I asked a man why, he said that it is believed that the Gods will answer them here since they come once in a year. Met a tourist, Mr. Alao who came all the way from Ibadan with his children for sightseeing. He brought with him a pair of binoculars. It was nice using one for the first time.

Friday, 15 February 2019


I woke up this morning ecstatic about my tour of lekki conservation centre which was sponsored by TRAVELSCOPE MAGAZINE, Ibadan for valentine day celebration. Today being 14th February, 2019. I left home by 10am. The garden is located at kilometer 19 along the Lagos-Epe Expressway and ends up a very close distance to the Atlantic Ocean near Okun Ibeju Village, Eti-Osa Local Government Area in the Eastern district of Lagos State. Lekki Conservation Centre can be accessed through the Lagos-Epe Expressway. The park opens from Monday to Sunday including all public holidays. It opens from 8:00am to 4:30pm daily. 


In case you need directions to Lekki Conservation Centre? Get a taxi straight to Lekki Conservation Centre from anywhere you are in Lagos. Alternatively, you can get there through an intra-city bus, just board a bus to either Obalende or CMS Park. Then get another bus heading to Lekki/Ajah, from either of these locations. Alight at Chevron Bus stop and take a very short walk to the Lekki Conservation Centre.

Side attractions includes:    

  •  401-metre long canopy walkway which is a scenic attraction reputed to be the longest canopy walkway in Africa. It is an engineering feat and an amazing suspended swinging bridge walkway.  It has the entry & exit portals connecting six towers treating visitors to unique experience/unforgettable chance to explore the Nature Park and get a bird’s eye view of the habitat.

  •  2-km board trail which offers excellent nature walks which offers monkey and bird watching opportunities.Side attractions along the trail include swamp outlook, bird hide, rest stops and the tree house. The 2 km nature trail behind the foremost main buildings is connected by two wooden tracks. A sturdy wooden track leading to the nature trail, reveals an expansive stretch of marshland and Savannah grassland teeming with wildlife, as well as rich aquatic flora and fauna

  • Family Park which is a world-class picnic haven that offers nature walks, picnic & sporting facilities. some of the games in the sporting facilities are: chess, draft, volley ball Et.c
Image result for lekki conservation centre
  • Tree House which is a twenty-one meters-high tree platform where one can have a panoramic view of the picnic area, reserve, visitor’s center and children’s playground among the trees.

  • Bird Hide which  overlooks a swamp/marsh which is home to bush bucks, crocodiles, mona monkeys, squirrels, peacock, snakes,pangolin,  ducker, giant rats and hogs crocodiles and monitor lizards among others. 

  • 6 and 8-seater Family Huts

  • Floor Games (Ludo, Snake and Ladder, Draught, Chess and Street Tennis) 
Image result for lekki conservation centre
  • Koi & Tilapia ponds 

  • conservation center and a library

  • Nature Station 
  • Beach Volley-ball courts & Spectators’ pavilion
  • Barbecue joints
  • Jungle gym facilities (Zip Lines, monkey bars, etc)
  • Serene and secure environment
  • Swamp Look station
  • Rotunda 
  • 96-Seater Gazebos

You get ticket at the reception for 1000# and 2000# respectively. 2000# covers the canopy walk and other attractions while 1000# covers the others attractions only without the canopy walk.after the purchase of ticket, you wait about 30 mins or less for the tour guide to come pick you up. while i wait, i saw monkeys jumping about. The park is home to about 2000 monkeys, bush bucks, crocodiles, mona monkeys, squirrels, snakes,pangolin,  ducker, giant rats and hogs crocodiles and monitor lizards among others. These animals are not fed, given vaccination and any other treatment.
After waiting for about 10 mins, the park ranger came to pick up ready tourist. At the entrance of the trail, he gave briefings about the park and what to expect. i gobbled spit when he said that snakes and crocs can be lurking around so watch your step. he also warns about using of phone with care as it can fall into the swamp. he also warned about holding something eatable as monkeys will be attracted by it and come closer. 

The trail walk way was made of strong wood.  i took pictures and interacted with my friend Joseph. After about 30 mins walk, we got to a separating junction where people that paid 2000# were separated from those who paid 1000#. Children are not allowed to go on the canopy walk. Therefore, they were separated from their parents and taken by another pack ranger to the the family park together with other adults that paid 1000#. At the canopy walk, the maximum number of people per section of climbing is 6 people. And it has 6 section. 3 when going up and 3 when coming down. With resting space that separates each sections. 

The walk is 401 metre in height. At first climb, we moved up and we got to a rest point, and continue to another section. we were 7 people in the group. 2 females who are friends, I and Joseph, a man with 2 other women. (laugh) one of the 2 female friends was very afraid and was screaming all through the climb. she was walking very slow due to fear of height.

 When we got to the last height, we were already above the trees which were vast. I was ecstatic and happy. I wasn't even afraid because as an aviator, i don't fear height as I have flown on plane 5 times. Why shall i fear? the lady was just shaking and almost pee on her body (laugh.) 

The climb is not a climb for the timid. The climb of the bridge is sure to bring out the other side of you especially for ladies. Hence, if going with your girlfriend, spouse, fiancĂ©e you have to stay close to her and as a precaution don’t look down. It is an enthralling climb and it is 100% safe.

 According to the park ranger, the only time you are not allowed access to the bridge is when it is raining. We made it to the end and took pictures with the sign post placed on the wall (WELCOME TO THE LONGEST CANOPY WALK IN AFRICA).

 As we moved on the trail, we came to a junction. One leads to the exit and the other to the family park. We went to the family park. At the entrance of it, we saw a mind blowing and nerve jerking sing which states: 

"CAUTION, SNAKE AND CROCODILES IN FOREST SWAMP" The fearful lady was scared. She jumped on my back and was shaking saying she was afraid. I can stop laughing. (hahaha). I backed her to the volley ball field.

 We later went to a picnic haven and relax there. We got suya and grilled chicken stepped down with cold bottled water. Note: if you really wanna enjoy your picnic here, it is better you cook and bring your food from home or buy it outside the park including water or soft drink as it is quiet expensive in the family park. And there is no restaurant in the family park to buy food, so it is better you bring your food from outside. Price of suya ranges from 500# and grilled full chicken is 1500# while cold drink irrespective of brand is 200# and bottled water is 100 for other brand, 150# for Eva. Also on menu is coconut water that sells for 350# per unit of coconut After eating, i went on a tour of the park. it is indeed a natural beauty. I love it so much as it is perfect for a romantic date and and family picnic. 

Me and Joseph later went to play draught and take pictures. I took picture with 3 ladies who are calling me a celebrity because of the way I dress. 

we left early due to time and traffic jam is common on the Island in the evening. We said good bye to others and left. As we walk on the trail back to the main land, we saw a lot of monkeys swinging from tree to tree and we came across the tree house. Jeez!! it is on a tall tree. We also visited the pangolin advocate and protector. 

i took pictures and signed on the white board. As we came out and was at the gate, we came across is very big and old tortoise. It was said that it is 100 years old. We left after taking some pictures. It was indeed a lovely experience. 

  • Take a walk on the longest canopy walk in Africa as it is adrenaline rush walk. brace for it.
  • See the giant tortoise
  • play the game of chess
  • play the game of draught
  • play volley ball with friends and family.
  •  Have a picnic and enjoy time alone. the shed made of raffia is a cool place to relax, rejuvenate, and recover your strength. At these sheds which numbers over eight, you can have a picnic or an alone time with your partner. Under these sheds, you will not miss the warmth of the breeze.   
  • Explore and take a walk around the nature park as you will find Monkeys, to the beautiful Peacock, crocodiles, snakes and other wild animals, you will see all these at this reserved animal. At the same time, you will find different specie of plants.
Would you like to visit the Lekki Conservation Centre? The most suitable time to visit is during the Dry Season. The dry season is from October to March, this is the best time to visit Lekki Conservation Centre. Enjoy the best of nature during your visit to the conservation centre by exploring its breathtaking scenery, rich flora and fauna. I can also organize tour package to the centre. if you are interested, send me and email for deal package and fee.

Saturday, 3 November 2018

My Dubai Experience 1

Dubai at night

On monday 7th may 2018, i left the shores of Nigeria aboard Egypt air en-route Dubai via Cairo, Egypt. It was my first international travel. And the fact that i am travelling to Dubai via 


On-board Egypt air A330-300

Cairo gave me so much joy because of the feelings of visiting the place i read about in the bible and the fact that i am visiting two countries on my first international trip.

  The airbus A330-300 touch down in DXB at exactly 4:14am  UAE time. The airport is a massive structure that spreads as far as my eye can see. Every 3 seconds, a flight either takes off or land.


Dubai international airport

  It is the worlds busiest airport by international passenger traffic, and It is also the third-busiest airport in the world by passenger traffic, the sixth-busiest cargo airport in world, the busiest airport for Airbus A380

download (1)

Emirates airline A380

and Boeing 777 movements, and the busiest airport in the world operating with only two runways. I was ecstatic about seeing Airbus A380 aircraft for the first time. I love the aircraft for it’s massive size.  After landing, it took our plane about 30 mins to taxi to the gate [C58] due to the massive size of the airport. I disembark with other passengers.


At DXB arrival terminal.

  The airport is connected with alot of driver-less trains that takes passengers from the arrival hall to the immigration terminal. The trains are fast moving and it arrives every 5 mins to pick up passengers. I think their are more than 500 trains that picks up passengers in the arrival terminals alone. The airport is a network of different complex parts that work together as one. It is really confusing as you can’t understand it’s structures at all. CCTV cameras are everywhere you turn to. And there are no hiding places anywhere at all as the walls are all sealed up. Not even toilet. It also has alot of elevators and lifts. After i arrive at the immigration terminal, standing in front of me is a massive hall with a long maze.

images (1)
Driver-less train at DXB

  Surprisingly, there was no security checks of any sort at all. It was my turn at the immigration desk. The immigration officer looked at me and checked my passport. click!, he stamped my passport and return it to me. I was happy and glad that he did not pull me to aside. I went to the mini-mart to get a new sim. The networks available are DU, Etisalat et.c. I bought DU at 52AED . My international passport and visa was required to get a new sim and it is registered depending on the number of days you are spending in Dubai. It has to be re-registered if you are spending extra days and it is barred… And surprisingly, it came with 200mb to browse, 20 sms, and 1 hour call time. 


A typical baggage trolley at DXB

  As i push my trolley to the exit, a custom officer pull me aside and asked me to put my bag in the scanning machine. When he saw nothing inside, he gave back my bag to me. When i got to exit, a Nigerian man approached me and told me he wants to change some dollars to Dihram{AED}. I took him to the currency exchanger. Later we talked and exchanged numbers. His name is Mr. Adelana. He is a psychiatric nurse based in Osun state. He came for a 3 days nurse conference. I took him to taxi park to board taxi and we go our separate ways. I exit the terminal and behold, it was bright out side. i checked time and surprising, time was 5:56am. I never expected the day to be bright at that time at all.

At the arrival terminal entrance

To be continued……

Sunday, 22 April 2018

My first flight 1


I have always long to be on an aircraft all the days of my life. I just love aviation and anything that has to do with aircraft and flight.On  I went for an aviation conference at ikeja. After the conference, we were taken on an excursion to the airport to board plane. We used Azman air B737. 

  After that day, I long to fly to any where in Nigeria but i have no idea how much a flight ticket is worth. I do think flying is only for the rich. I conceive an idea that why not fly to Ibadan and take bus back home? Ibadan is closer to lagos and i can fly to ibadan and return to lagos the same day without my parents being aware of it. I goggle search for flight ticket to ibadan but i couldn't get any clue online. I called my close friend who is a travel agent to find out the price of flight ticket to ibadan. He checked and told me that it's only Overland airways that flies directly into ibadan airport from lagos but he has no idea how much he ticket is. He said alternatively, Arik air into ibadan airport via Nnamdi Azikwe airport Abuja. The price was 44,000#. I almost gave up on it, being desperate about it made me determined to find out about the price. 
  One faithful day, set out to Gat terminal at Murtala Mohammed airport ikeja to check out the price of flight ticket to ibadan. I met overland ticketer at the counter and she told me the ticket is 12,500#. Take off time is 7:00 am and the aircraft will go to Ibadan via Ilorin airport. I run helter skelter to raise the money for the flight ticket. to avail. On a faithful day, my mom house agent at ibadan put a call across to me and told me that she wanna send house rent to her and her number isn't going through. i told her to send the money to my account and the next day, she sent a sum of 27,000# to me. I was very glad that finally my dream was accomplished but i was very afraid of something. My fear was that what if the plane crashes because of my action? But i brushed aside the fear because my excitement was greater than my fear. 

Saturday, 21 April 2018


    I have always heard of the rail system in Nigeria as a dormant sector. Moreover i have never seen a train before, that was in 2015. I ask adult people questions about it including my mum. Most of them said it's been awhile they saw a train. Most said they haven't seen a train before. And some said that they it's been long while they use the rail. 

  Then i set out to find out more about using the rail system. I search Nigerian railway corporation website online for info but i got nothing. I asked my mum for the location of the station and i was told it is at iddo. On a faithful day, i took my bicycle and started out to iddo to find out more about the train travel. when i got there, I went to the ticket reservation area to ask for the price of train ticket to ibadan and i was told it's 500# for economy class and 800# for first class. I was very excited for seeing train for the first time in my life. I made up my mind to give it a try.

  On friday 15th December 2015, I plan to travel to ibadan and i decided to use the railway. I woke up early took my birth and away i went to the station. I got to the station as early as 9am because the train leaves by 12pm on fridays. I met other prospective passengers willing to use the train to their various destinations. Mostly north. I waited till 2pm. Ticket wasn't sold. me and other passengers were apprehensive. some left in anger to take bus to their respective destinations. 

  We were later told to go take bus as the train isn't traveling that day. I was extremely disappointed. I took bus to Ibadan. 
I was called for interview at Nigerian college of Aviation technology, Zaria, Kaduna state. My mom asked me to go find out the price of ticket to north at the station. It was 4000# for first class coach. 

ogun-state-train-trip tripzapp
     Price of Train ticket from lagos to kano.

 On Friday may, i woke up as early as 4:00am, took my bag and get prepared for my journey to north. I was so excited about it. I left home by 9:00am. When i arrived the station, i met alot of intending passengers. I expected the ticketer to start selling ticket by 11:30am as train departs at 12:00pm. Surprising, ticket wasn't sold. I was nervous and at the same time i was scared that the train won't be leaving that day. My mind raced back to the previous day i was to travel by train and the disappointment i met. I checked the time, it was past three. I met a guy, his name is Victor. He is travelling to Minna in Niger. He schools in Federal university of technology minna. And it was his first time of using the rail system. He was also greatly afraid because i explained my past ordeal to him. I slept for over 4 hours.

I slept on a mat here

  At exactly 6:00 pm, Victor woke me up that ticket is being sold. I was very happy that finally we are moving. I was just to eager to get on the train. I went to get two tickets while victor watch over out luggages. I got the ticket and we went to the tarmac and we board the train. I was very happy that finally for the first time, i will be travelling by train. I put my luggage and that of victor on the over head compartment. at 6:15pm, we left the station with a hoot. I can still hear the sound literally. I had my diary with me. I wrote every single detail of things that happened in course of the journey.

Train Route

From Iddo station -through- Ebute metta - through- Yaba -through- Mushin -through- Oshodi -through- Ikeja -to- Agege station. Agege station is our first stop. Train stop to pick up passengers that are travelling to north. We started out from Agege station and pass through- Iju-Junction -through- Agbado -to- Itori station where we had another stop to pick up passengers. One thing i love about this station is the fact that you can buy sugar cane. almost every frequent train traveller buys sugar cane at this station. I didn't buy any, but other passengers bought and i was offered. we hardly spend up to 10mins at these stations. We set out again and had another stop at Ijoko station. It was night already. We got to Abeokuta station to drop and pick up passengers. I bought food at the station.We left and arrive at Ibadan station. I was very excited when the train left ibadan station because i have never travelled beyond Ibadan before and the fact that i was travelling beyond ibadan made me joyous. We had our next stop by midnight at Iwo station. The weather was very cold and i used my wrapper to wrap self.

wrapper used against cold

 It was really dark at the station but surprisingly, people were at the station waiting for the train. Our next stop was Ede station. People board and disembark. We got to Oshogbo station at exactly 4:00 am in the morning. I marveled at the sight of the station. It is a huge edifice also big to the size of iddo station. Mind you, i couldn't sleep because i was too excited. I walked the length and breadth of the train. I move from one coach to another to the extent that my face because very familiar with alot of people and they started interacting with me. Anytime we arrive any station, I will always come down from the train and move around the station. Buying things. I bought a lot of things. We left Oshogbo and I slept off and i wasn't able to fill my diary. I woke up when we arrived Offa station

At offa station

in the morning in Kwara state. It is a very big station. And i learnt that it is the resting point of most trains going to north. Where the train driver rest, eat, and even change of driver is done here. refueling of  train is also done here. And that leads to delay as train can wait for 3-4 hors before take off. When we arrive offa station, we had a delay of approximately 4 hours. The reasons was because we were waiting for a train from kano to arrive before we move as we are gonna be needing the engine. We left around 11:15 am in the morning. We arrive Ilorin station late in the afternoon. We left and we arrive Jebba station. The road to Jebba was treacherous and dicey as the tracks were laid on hilly way and that made the driver go slowly. I even saw a cargo bus car that derailed at that spot. The driver drove slow and steady. At Jebba station, a lot of fish sellers are present because jebba is very close to river niger. In short, i was looking at river Niger from jebba station. I bought fish and i love the way it was fried. Kwara state is the state that borders the south western part and northern part of nigeria. River niger is the demarcation that holds it. When we left Jebba station, we took a bridge on the river niger.